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They were great with my son! HE was scared, he'd had a bad experience at a previous dentist. The staff here made him feel comfortable and reassured. I'd highly recommend.

Jenn P.

Chose this place because it’s in network with my insurance and is so close by and I am grateful that it turned out to be such a wonderful experience. I am planning to continue my kids dental care there as a matter of fact. Everyone I mean everyone there truly puts a lot of effort into making the kids and parent comfortable. You really get the sense that it’s a genuine desire to make it a pleasant experience. My 3 year old daughter kept saying “ oh we had such a nice visit “ and now I can expect that she will be thrilled at the expectancy of any future visit ..... this is ideally what you want to build so that the kids can want to visit dentist and be on top of their dental care throughout their life span Wonderful staff and wonderful dentist

Claudia V.

Today was my first visit to Riccobene Associates at Portners Neck due to a dentist referral for a evaluation of a previous x-ray that was a concern. From the immediate greeting from all the staff who insured I was taken care of, I can't say enough thanks!! Everyone was wonderful, friendly, and I felt welcomed and that I was in good hands!! I highly recommend Riccobene Associates at Portners Neck!! Thank you for the wonderful greeting and making me feel comfortable and taken care of my needs!! THANK YOU!!

Took all of my kids in at the same time, they are 8-4-2 years old the staff was extremely friendly and were great answering all of my boys questions (they ask a lot). The Dr is really just amazing he has this aura that helps keep kiddos stay calm which I appreciate as it was me and my 3 kids. He was also very patient and explained everything to them and me. I would recommend 100%!

Lluvia a P.

I have a professional and fast experience! I’ll definitely be making this my primary dentist she was very nice and is great at what she do. The staffing at the front desk explained everything in made sure I was comfortable I really loved that!

Rachael M.

Having my teeth cleaned at the Riccobene Dental Office in Mebane, NC was a pleasure. This was my first visit to this office.The receptionist and the insurance/billing person at the front desk were extremely pleasant, friendly, and helpful. The schedule was timely. I was called in for my appointment within minutes after arriving. Alejandra was my dental hygienist. She was professional, friendly, had gentle but thorough teeth cleaning skills, and gave tips for improved brushing and flossing. My dentist was Dr. Alexis Trendowski. Prior to starting my dental exam, she took time to introduce herself and demonstrated interest in getting to know me as a new patient at the clinic. She treated me very kindly in a professional manner and made sure that my dental needs were being met by providing individualized care and planning suggestions for future treatment. I think Dr. Trendowski is the nicest most personable dentist I have ever met. My experience at the Riccobene Dental Clinic was 100% positive. I highly recommend the dental services at this office.

Mary J.

My daughter has had a lot of issues with her teeth, and the staff here has been wonderful. They've handled everything competently, are great with communication, and make sure she is comfortable and confident. We especially loved Dr. Leslie!

I had a crown put on one of my front teeth, so it needed to be cosmetically perfect in color and fit. I am very pleased with the results. Dr. Miller aims to please and Patti, his assistant is very skillful in her technique. Everyone at Riccobene have been very pleasant

Linda B.

My first visit to this office. They were very professional, thorough and accommodating!

Debora S.

AMAZING experience!! I was in town visiting my sister and my wisdom tooth started killing me. I called around to several dentists and none could see me for a day or more. The amazing receptionist at Downtown Dental fit me in within an hour, and was super friendly and helpful. Once I got there I was seen immediately, and they fixed my issue in 15 min. The entire staff was extraordinarily nice, friendly, accommodating, yet efficient. I have never had a better experience at a dentist's office!! If I didn't live 8 hours away I would legit book all my dental care through them. Thank you to all of the staff for saving my vacation, you are all amazing!!!

This place is amazing!!! Before I got to my appointment I was so scared and nervous and emotional. When I arrived they were super nice and sweet at the front desk, checking me in. Once I got to the back to start my process of becoming a new patient it was even more amazing. I became very emotional telling my story and then hearing what services I needed to receive because of the state of my teeth and my mouth but the whole time Tabitha was listening, being very understanding and consoling to me, I felt at ease after pouring my heart out to her. She reassured me that everything was going to be ok and that it was ok for me to cry to release the emotions and that the doctors were going to take good care of me. She took all my ex-rays and pictures and she was so gentle and kind with me. Then the doctors came in and they were amazing too (so happy to be a patient there). They (doctor Austin and the other's) explained what my issues were very clearly and explained what I had available to me as choices then asked if I had questions, then they explained it all again. The pricing is also amazing! I'm not going to ramble on and on because you get it (THEY'RE AMAZING 😍🤭😁!!!) so If you're looking for a dentist go to RICCOBENE they're amazing, the service is 100%. I can't wait to go back and start my services.

Detra F.

My visits to Riccobene Associate has always been pleasant. The staff there are very friendly. They always making sure you're ok while they're working on your teeth. I highly recommend them to anyone 😊 You all are awesome!

Marea L.

Very professional, 2 thumbs up to all the staff at Oxford, NC. And Yay!!!, My tooth doesn't hurt anymore.

david l.

Today my 8 year-old daughter had her two teeth fixed and two sealants teeth and it was for one hour. Usually my daughter doesn’t stay in one place without moving more than two minutes but with Doctor Jacqueline Garner she stayed still on the chair for one hour without getting tired or complaining about it. Doctor Garner made it fun with a lot of songes and talking about princesses which is my daughter favorite subject. It was an amazing moment . Doctor Jacqueline Garner was created to be and help kids making them happy with shiny smile. A big thank to our talented doctor and her assistant. Thanks Doctor Garner for being nice and for the perfect work.

My experience at Complete Dental has always been excellent from the front desk staff to the Dental Assistant, Dental Hygienist and Dr. Gough! I love the precautionary measures the office takes by calling when you arrive, being taken back to your room and the cleanliness of the facility. I’m so thankful for Dr. Gough and her staff for always putting a smile on my face.

Erica W.

Excellent office! Another excellent visit today. Dr.Steve does an Amazing job of walking his patients through the steps. Very caring and knowledgeable. Best of all he makes sure his clients' teeth are in tiptop shape. No pain either. Cynthia Dr.Steve's dent assist was so customer oriented. Very attentive to her patients. Thank you all very much.

Dr. Geeson and staff at Complete Dental are remarkable! I brought both my kids here originally and ended up transferring myself here for all our family dental needs. The atmosphere is calming and the staff really takes the time to explain every procedure and charge in depth. They also get us right back into the chair which shows they value our time. I highly recommend Complete Dental and refer this practice all the time. Thank you for making my family’s smiles a little brighter, Dr. Geeson!

Dr. Garner is always a pleasure to interact with! She effortlessly connected with my anxious daughter (who doesn’t enjoy going to the dentist) and made her feel comfortable and safe while doing her exam. The dental assistants were patient and courteous, taking the time to explain billing and what insurance would/would not cover. Coming here is always a treat because they are very capable at handling pediatric needs. The office itself has a detailed fantasy motif, with knights, dragons and princesses abounding. Thank you for always making it enjoyable!

The staff was great..very comfortable place..they are the best..if you want a good dentist office..go to visit them..my wife sent me there and I was impressed...

Super great experience for my 6 year old. Staff is very friendly and very patient with the little ones. The atmosphere is also geared to children and makes them feel like the experience is fun. They also offer several different toothpaste flavors. I recommend them to start your kids off right and alleviate any fears. Super friendly and informative. No wait time and got done quickly. Thanks again to the ricobene kids staff.

The entire staff was great!!! They were busy and short handed but they never showed any frustration! Everyone I encountered was fantastic! From the front desk to the assistant and the Dentist. Great attitudes! Relaxed yet professional! Lots of fun for a dental visit!!! Cool people who made the task of pulling my tooth very comfortable and easy from a patients point of view! I'll be back!

chuck p.

First I would like to say, I really really appreciate your effort and patience in putting up with my son's fussiness during our dental appointment and how you tried to work it out (transferring him back and forth to the next room when needed) with me and my husband's same time schedule plus bringing our 11 month old baby with us. We are both happy and satisfied with the service. Everyone was so helpful and professional . You all are amazing at what you do to your clients. Kudos to all of you! God bless and keep safe always.

lilibeth h.

Loved the atmosphere. The staff were amazing as ever. Never thought I would come across a dentistry that made me want to come to every appointment 🥰😍

Star B.

Just moving to the area from New Jersey Robbie T Smith DDS was recommended to us by our daughter and friends. From our first phone call to make an appointment, when we arrived and throughout our appointment, each staff member helped us feel welcome. They use modern state of the art equipment. Each staff member is highly knowledgeable of their role in the medical practice.

Frances T.

Tech was awesome! I'm afraid of dentist and he assured me I would be fine and made me very comfortable. Needles are what I'm most afraid of..they both tech and dentist were the best. I didn't feel anything....Awesome experience

Very kind and professional staff. They did a great job with my oral exam and teeth cleaning. I highly recommend their dental services.

Went to Riccobene for a second opinion on needing a root canal. I saw a wonderful interim dentist named Dr. Lundahl, I wish he was staying but he was incredibly thoughtful and I hope to get to see him again someday! The rest of the staff was also incredibly kind. New patient setup was a breeze- all right from my phone! Loved the lack of paperwork! The office was very clean and well decorated, lots of chairs for everyone to sit. My visit confirmed the need for a root canal & crown- and I have gone ahead scheduled it with the Knightdale office, as their price was even better than the original office I received a quote from (Lane & Assoc). My boyfriend goes to the Clayton location and that's how I found out about Riccobene. They are definitely my new permanent dentist office. Highly recommended to anyone seeking high quality care with affordable prices!

Very nice visit. Dr. Rudey and Heather answered all of our questions. Super friendly!!!

It was amazing! I’ve neverrr had such a nice, kind, informative dental hygienist. I would give her a shout out but I don’t want to disturb her privacy. She answered all of questions and explained everything. The staff in the front are super sweet to. I recommend this dentist office to anyone

T'Keya B.

I recently took my 90 year old mom to Riccobene and I can't believe that going to the dentist could be such a great experience. We both actually felt at home being treated so kindly by every staff person, lots of smiles and laughter. At the same time everyone was very professional in explaining all the procedures and even letting my mom who had been a dental hygienist back in the day look at her X-ray pictures. Mom's treatment plan was discussed thoroughly and looking forward to our return visit.

This appointment was for my children who have not had very good experiences with dentists in the past. The car that was taken to make them feel welcomed and comfortable almost brought me to tears. Everyone and I mean everyone from the front desk receptionist to the dental assistants to the dentist made my children feel so good that they are ready to return. I loved the way they talked to me as an adult but also explained every single thing to my children before and after they had done it, in easy-to-understand terms.

I have been going to this office for a couple years and love it. They are extremely professional and very skilled in crowns, implants and all aspects of dentistry. Karen is an excellent hygienist and does very thorough cleanings and assessments! Highly recommend this office.

Dr. Steve is so caring and compassionate. Explains everything he is doing, worried about patients comfort. Would not want anyone but him to be my dentist.

Dr Steve did my crown and root canal. He explained each step as he went along which gave me comfort in knowing how much longer the procedure would be. I didn’t feel the numbing shot I think I got excellent care.

I'm new to the area, this Dental office is very Professional, and I felt really welcome there, if you're looking for a good Dental experience, Please check them out. My wife was so impressed she scheduled an appointment while I was being seen.

Dr Clark is amazing!! Took her time, and told me everything she was going to do. I’ve had her as my dentist for about a year, and every experience is better than the last! Highly recommend her and the friendly staff at the Apex location!!

Keith S.

The office is caring, professional, and provides excellent patient care. I’ve never loved a dentist so much. Dr. Rich and his team make the visit pleasant! So thankful for them!

Stacie H.

Very nice people! I went in with a tooth ache,no appointment and never having been there before ,they got me in right away . I am hearing impaired and sometimes have to go places without help ,the staff was very patient and helped me understand everything. Thank you!

Tami B.

My appointment @ Riccobene Associates continue to be of high quality. My Cleaning with Julia is extremely Professional, & without stress. She is cheerful, & patient oriented. An extremely comfortable environment.

Pauline G.

The employees at Riccobene Dentistry office went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable my whole vist. I was anxious about my vist until I met all the staff and the Dr. They explained the procedure and made sure I was not in pain. I got two teeth pulled. I will be using them in the future!

My husband has been a patient at this location for years and has always bragged about the professionalism and knowledge of the staff. Today, I visited the location for a minor issue. The team was able to check it out and fix it all in the same visit, which is convenient for anyone but especially when you have two little ones at home. The front desk was very welcoming, and the waiting area was very clean and made me feel comfortable during the time of COVID-19. Michelle is super friendly and accommodating, as well. Alli was my dental assistant and was informative, patient and very friendly. Dr. Puza made my procedure painless, and kept me at ease, while keeping the appointment quick and easy. I felt like everyone in the office took the time to get to know me as their patient, rather than a time stamp on their schedule.

We had the best experience at Riccobene Associates! Such a friendly staff, beautiful and CLEAN office. Dr. Rogers made sure I was well taken care of. Loved all the docs and staff! Would highly recommend!

Love the team and Dr. Robbie! Always a great experience. Everyone is professional, everything goes smoothly and my son was calm. She told him he had a very loose tooth, upon her suggestion he insisted we buy an apple, came home and he got that tooth out - very excited!

Marisa R.

This is hands down the best dentist office EVER! I have always had a huge fear of going to the dentist, just crippling anxiety. The people here are so gentle, calm and kind that I personally felt comfortable and peaceful as well. They kept me in the loop on what they were doing the whole time. It had been a little while since I had a cleaning (due to the pandemic) and my teeth/gums aren’t sore in the least. I am so happy to have found this wonderful team.

The first thing you should know about my review is that I absolutely dread dental work. Why in the world is that drill so loud? I received my first crown yesterday. Dr. Smith and hygienist Barbara were kind and very attentive to my comfort. Each part of the process was explained and I liked that the crown was milled in house and was fitted that day. The entire event took 3 hours just as I had been advised prior to making the appointment. I truly appreciate Dr. Smith and her staff for being efficient while maintaining a kind and comfortable environment.

Heather T.

Dr. Rima Solank is by far the best experience I have had with a dentist. She was very friendly and kind with my appointment. I will definitely be asking preferably for her services. For ALL my dental needs for our future appointments. I will also be recommending her to my friends and family for any of there dental needs too.

Tanisha E.

I normally hate going to the dentist and it gives me so much anxiety. They were great. It was a great experience from the time I called to set up the appointment and they picked up the phone. I would refer my friends and family here.

Kiwi S.

I am filled with Joy after my daughter’s 1st dental appointment! After aging out of pediatric dentistry I tried a few dentist close to home. Needless to say I was not impressed. When I came in today I was greeted with a warm welcome and my daughter said “ mom I love them” after her teeth cleaning. complete 180 from her last comments on the other dentists. All of the staff was chipper and happy. It looks like they all really enjoy their jobs. Thank you.

Stacy H.

My son recently saw Dr Rob for his first filling. Rob was great and made the overall experience fuss (and pain) free 6 Month update: Once again we were nothing short of thrilled with the level of service and professionalism that we have continued to receive from Dr Rob and the rest of the staff. We now have 2 kids that are seen here, with widely different ages, that receive great care. I cannot recommend them enough.

I took my son here after his regular dentist said he needed to have his wisdom teeth removed. We were referred to 2 oral surgeons who we didn’t end up going with for multiple reasons. I’m so glad I found Riccobene in garner. They are all so nice and welcoming, and made my son feel at ease, which is a big bonus considering he has major anxiety. Everything went smoothly, from insurance to surgery to the last check up appointment after his surgery. I highly recommend Riccobene in garner, if I could give them 100 stars I would. My 2 daughters will be needing theirs removed soon and I will definitely be bringing them here!!

Jamie G.

My kids have been with this office for the last 8 years and have always received the best care and treatment! Everyone from the front desk, to the dental assistant, to the dentist is always so kind and helpful!

Everyone was super nice! I really liked the lady who did my cleaning she was amazing! I felt like I was in good hands and I truly was! I am a new patient and I can honestly say I’ve never had this type of care and treatment anywhere else. I am happy I found Riccobene Associates Family Dentistry!

Brenda C.

This place is awesome! Best experience hands down I’ve ever had at a dentist. Warm, welcoming staff and very considerate dentist, dental assistants and hygienists.Everyone is patient and thorough in answering questions and explaining procedures. I feel very comfortable there; that’s saying a lot since dental visits usually give me intense anxiety. I recommend this office 100 percent!

Izzy G.

Great place and really friendly environment. The staff were top notch. Mindi did a very good job on my teeth and made it fast and easy. Would definitely recommend their services to anyone. Dr. Rich was also very friendly and professional.

Daniel D.

Dr. Hunt is the best Dentist around. He is very attentive to your needs and super competent in the work he does! Having good interpersonal skills is the icing on the cake!

DeVon W.

My daughter had to have a tooth extracted unexpectedly. She was scared and upset. The dental assistant Kristy was amazing with her. She was so kind and compassionate with her care. I have always loved everyone at Riccobene but yesterday was extra special. Thank you Dr Lee and Kristy for taking care of my girl!

Meredith F.

The Falls of Neuse office has always had the most excellent customer service. They are friendly, quick to respond, and accommodating. They are clean, timely, and I am always in and out as expected. Every service that I have had has gone well. I appreciate having a dentist office that I am so comfortable going to.

Krissy B.

I came in today for a root canal. The dentist prescribed me some Ativan to take an hour before my procedure so I could be more relaxed. It’s usually difficult for me to get numb, but he was awesome and got me numb and I only felt pressure. He did an awesome job! Highly recommend!

Lori M.

The staff were amazing! So friendly and patient with my son. They made his first experience with dental work a pleasant one! Highly recommend.

I recently took my 90 year old mom to Riccobene and I can't believe that going to the dentist could be such a great experience. We both actually felt at home being treated so kindly by every staff person, lots of smiles and laughter. At the same time everyone was very professional in explaining all the procedures and even letting my mom who had been a dental hygienist back in the day look at her X-ray pictures. Mom's treatment plan was discussed thoroughly and looking forward to our return visit.

cathy l.

The staff was courteous and professional. The "comfort" items during or after your appointment were a great and unique touch. I love the office's family feel and their community involvement. My actual visit was detailed and thorough and that is important when I am talking about my health.

Candace P.

The staff very nice and easy to work with. They made you feel at ease during your procedure. Paid attention to your needs at all times. Staff really great, would recommend to everyone needing a dentist.

Although this was the first time at the Dentistry , I have to admit prior to this everyone has been professional and I have been treated with courtesy. During this visit I was extremely impressed because I was made to feel very comfortable and appreciated and the dentist and the dental hygienist made me feel very secure and that they knew exactly what needed to be done and they went over these things with me. I'm very confident in their measures of competency and look forward to having procedures done with them in the future

Brian R.

Highly recommend this practice. I’ve had some dental drama over the years, probably like many of us, and Dr. Schmorr (Six Forks Smiles) and team have been great. They listened to my concerns and crafted a plan to work around my fears. The dental hygienists are professional and gentle.

Cyn M.

Dr. Gaddy and the team at Brush and Floss are amazing. They take great care of my son and are very aware and accommodating of his special needs. Definitely recommend.

Dental hygienist Ms. Jennifer is the best because of her I enjoy going to the dentist. Before I was always terrified and hated the dentist. The staff are very friendly, Pleasant, welcoming and always makes you feel comfortable. Thank you… and whenever I get out of Ms Jennifer’s chair my teeth are smiling!!!!

Dr Mitchell is great. He knows all procedures concerning dentistry. His services are quick, high quality with long lasting effect. Me and my husband have been his clients for years. We are very picky when it comes to our teeth) Finally I found time to write a review😁

Анна С.

I was impressed with my dental visit on January 26, 2022. This is the most impressive dental office I have ever been in. Everything is so modern and the most friendly staff I have ever have ever encountered. Everyone is so professional. I will recommend this office to everyone.

Johnie W.

Everyone there was absolutely the best. I am like most peope really anxious about going to see the dentist, but they took very good care of me. Mary and Dr. Kyle were fantastic. The best thing was. I was able to get in the same day, praise God, because I was in a lot of pain. Great overall experience.

Gigi L.

Great place to get all of your dental needs addressed. Staff are very knowledgeable, and went out of their way to make every visit quick. Would suggest this office to anyone and everyone.

Nathan W.

From the ladies at the front desk to the highly skilled hygienists and dental assistants in the back, it is clear, Dr. Rich has a wonderful team at Hampstead Family Dentistry. The atmosphere is relaxed and very friendly, making my visit today much less stressful.(Irreparably broken tooth and crown that had to be extracted) I do not have dental insurance, so cost is always a concern for me. The fees at Hampstead Family Dentistry are very reasonable. This was my fourth visit and at this point, I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. If I could give them 10 stars, I would!

Carolyn H.

Dr Beamer is fantastic! She took the time to answer all my questions regarding having my wisdom tooth removed and offered advise. She then gave me a referral to two different oral surgeons and emailed me the X-rays they took. Couldn’t ask for more from any dentist. I highly recommend Dr Beamer!

Doug M.

My experience at this location, Porters Neck was very pleasant. I was treated with respect. Dr. Roberts has great chair side manners. He listened to what I had to say and I listened to his plan for my dental care. Going to any dentist is usually very unpleasant, depending on what work you need to have done. My initial visit here was a Consultation and X-rays. The next day I went back for a debridement and I think the gentleman’s name was Tim. He did an excellent job and made me feel comfortable. Looking forward to a great future relationship with Riccobene Associates Family Dentistry.

My daughter has been here twice and has fallen in love with this place! The staff is very nice and talks to my child so she feels comfortable about what they are going to do. If I have any questions or need help suggestions, the dentist is there to help me! I love that!

One of the best dental practice I ever experienced, and I was made to feel welcome by everyone I met. If I lived in Rocky Mount, I would hope to become a regular patient of yours. I’m here visiting friends and they highly recommend your practice, and I’m sure glad they did!

Very friendly, efficient and professional. The tech today, like during other visits, was outstanding. The hygienist was so very friendly, thorough, caring and professional. Dr Clark was another great part of the visit.

Love Riccobene Dentistry.. Recommend it to all my family and friends. I have had several dentist in Durham but their service is so professional, personal. All of their staff are great!

James S.

I have horrible teeth and am so scared of going to the dentist . I always feel scared still and the dentists, hygienists, and assistants always make me feel better. So calming and kind, and they always answer all of my questions and are always informative and helpful . They always check on me throughout whatever procedure I’m having and see if I’m hurting or need more numbing etc . I’m still scared of the dentist , but they always make me forget that I’m scared and I can tell they really care about their patients and the experience as a whole. I always tell all my friends to go there and they walk away with wonderful experiences as well . They even made my daughter want to be a dental hygienist . I could go on forever , but fingers are going numb lol . Thanks y’all for making me feel better !!! And also , they are always helpful up front when it comes to payment and insurance and setting up my appointments .

Kelli V.

Went in for an extraction. Dr. Mitchell came in and talked me through the whole experience. Never once hurt me and was as nice as can be. Very professional.

Dillon W.

This was my first time ever coming to this place. It was my only child's first time getting a filling and they made him so comfortable it was amazing. They helped him be a Big boy and took his mind off of what was going on. They are great, friendly and you must send your child here

Riccobene Dentistry in Wakefield is always so welcoming. Always a very pleasant experience and I have referred family, friends and co-workers to this location.


I’ve been going to Dr. Jakubek’s office for almost a decade now. His team is friendly and always ready for each appointment. And he does amazing work! I had him replace some crowns I got when I was younger and they looked much better than what I had. I highly recommend him for your dental needs.

James D.

Dr. T and Lauren did a nice job preparing my front teeth for crowns. My front teeth had grown ragged over time and there were visible fractures which could easily lead to a cracked or broken tooth (both would be extremely painful). Dr. T was generous with lidocaine and it was a nearly pain-free experience. I am looking forward to receiving the crowns in a couple weeks and having a brighter smile. Thank you ladies!! :-)

Holly S.

Had a dental cleaning with Carrie and afterward a checkup with Dr. T. I really appreciated the cleaning Carrie did on my teeth. She is new to the office and she is terrific. Gave me the best cleaning I ever had--very thorough and very informative. Dr. T was very attentive to my needs and made suggestions which I agreed with. Great caring dentist! I also found the front desk so much improved from my first visit. They gave me a big greeting and were attentive and caring. The woman who checked me out afterward gave me great service also even though she was very busy. Great service!!!

Joan B.

This is on my daughters account for some reason. But I love Riccobene Associates! They’re friendly and helpful. They care about how you are doing while they’re doing the amazing job of keeping your mouth in good help.

The best dentist in town! I never write reviews, but I have to for Dr. Jakubek and his staff. I have been going there for over 8 years now. They are always sooo friendly and accommodating. They also have a beautiful and inviting office.

Jennifer C.

My son has been seen here for several years. Everyone is always very friendly. He has never been anxious or scared , with the exception of the filling he needed. But, everyone who he interacted with that day was incredibly kind and reassuring. Got through it no big deal. Absolutely recommend them.

I highly recommend Riccobene Associates Family Dentistry! Dr. Soto is extremely kind and is very interested in his patient and their comfort! He maintains pain level down to a minimum and answers any questions you may have. The staff are very courteous and makes sure you are comfortable!’ Pleasant atmosphere and experience!

Even though I was nervous and scared they made sure I didn't feel any pain it was a pleasure and I appreciate them being patient and helping me face this scary fear I was having

I had to drive 27 minutes for this office, and it was worth EVERY MINUTE. Staff was great, my sons dental assistant Jennifer was so great with him, and the dentist was timely and explained everything awesomely. Would strongly recommend, especially for small kids.

So I am a patient at Garner and Porter’s Neck. It must be a prerequisite to maintain a pleasant, uplifting attitude to be employed. They are super friendly. What I like most is how caring and gentle the staff is. It’s been a long while since I’d been to the dentist and they were so very understanding about life, family, jobs getting in the way before taking care of myself and not the least judgmental. I highly recommend you checking Riccobene out for your dental needs!💯 I was in Garner when I had one issue and back in Wilmington for my cleaning and other needs. Both are hands down the best dentist offices ever.

Marshae W.

I have generalized anxiety, and going to the dentist nearly throws me into a full blown panic attack each time. I’m 41 but feel like a 5 year old every time I have to go. Today was my first experience at the Oakwood office and I have to say from the receptionist to dental hygienist, they were very nice and reassuring. I recommend Jennifer and Lauren, if you can choose. I hadn’t been to the dentist in 3 years and was embarrassed by my lack of care to the point of tears. Jennifer took her time with me and talked to me and was extremely sweet. Awesome bedside manner which can’t be taught. They both said, there’s no reason to be upset, you’re here now and that’s what matters. The dentist I had was nice as well. I don’t recall her introducing herself to me and was in and out pretty quickly. I was there for an hour start to finish. I only had to wait for about 8-10 minutes before being called back. They made me feel at ease and I look forward to going back on Monday for additional work. I’ll update if anything changes, but for now I’m definitely pleased.

My first visit post-pandemic. All the staff were kind and professional. Every precaution was taken for the safety of patients and staff. A very clean facility. I will be returning in six months!

Kathy V.

Dr. Rich has been my husband's and my dentist for several years. He is very friendly and makes you feel at ease. He cares about your teeth and will do everything he can to make sure you keep them. He is not one to quickly jump to extract a tooth if there is anything he can do to prevent that from happening. My husband has a few problem teeth that Dr. Rich has been tending to for a few years now and are still intact. Dr. Rich always has a smile and a laugh that can be heard throughout the office. He and all of his staff are terrific and will do all they can to make your dental visit a pleasant one.

Priscilla C.

The customer service is excellent. The staff is courteous and very personable. Chantal and Tabitha are very friendly and I feel I am in good hands here. Dr. Austin is knowledgeable and very kind and careful while working.Very kind sweet spirit. I highly recommend this office.

Karen W.

My visit was a very pleasant experience. Everyone was professional, personable and helped to alleviate my anxiety. This is an awesome facility and it is full of very kind and compassionate people. Thankyou all for what you do for others. Keep up the great work!

Dr. Pike and the staff are so friendly and professional. It made me feel good about being there. I mostly appreciate how upfront they are concerning the details of your treatment plan. They didn't hesitate to answer any questions I had and that was a great feeling. Because clarity is very important to me. Their a great team of good people.

This place is amazing, the staff are super friendly, the office is impeccably clean and very calming especially the front lobby. This was my third tooth extraction there and it could not have gone smoother. Dr. Trendowski and Barbara were amazing and made the experience great. My last experience with an extraction was a Dentist in Burlington with his knee on my chest trying to get a tooth out which ended up breaking. The guy was an easy 250 lbs and he cranked my neck trying to get the tooth out. It left me traumatized. Dr T is small and she finessed both teeth out like a Boss. It actually went so smoothly that I didn't even have to take any pain medication and when I say any I mean not even a Tylenol . I would love to think my pain tolerance is super human but her technique definitely had a lot to do with it. Her assistant Barbara was amazing and made me laugh so much and feel very relaxed. She was very personable and added to my great experience. I would recommend Riccobene as an A+ place to have any dental work done. I can't speak for the other Dentists there only about Dr Alexis Trendowski and Barbara but I am almost certain that based on what I saw, they all are part of an Team that strives for customer satisfaction.

Daniel L.

Like most I'm sure, I am not a big fan of the dentist but I had an abscess and a broken tooth so I couldn't put it off any longer. Everyone in the office was extremely nice. Dr. Mitchell was wonderful. I have to say it was the best experience I've ever had at the dentist!

Helen W.

The staff is polite and very welcoming. I like the that during Covid the place seems so sanitized and I was very please with the Hygienist she did an amazing job with my cleaning. The Dr Solanki is a very sweet lady. I enjoyed my visit now my kids will be joining me at this dentist.

kemiesha m.

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