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From the moment you walk through our door, you’ll encounter a calming environment and a treatment experience designed to help you feel calm and relaxed during your time with us.

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The better we get to know you, the more effectively we’ll be able to serve you. We’ll ask questions, listen closely without judgment, and offer solutions that fit you and your smile.


We use advanced technology, modern diagnostics, and gifted professionals to perform a comprehensive, fear-free exam including painless digital x-rays. Our intraoral camera allows you to see what we see, so we can make decisions with you.

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We tell you all you need to know about your oral health and treatment options. Ask anything and we’ll give you an honest and transparent answer.


With 70+ locations, we make it easier to find your local community dentist. Prior to any treatment, our team will perform a complimentary benefits evaluation to let you know what your insurance covers. We also offer convenient payment options and an Affordable Dental Membership Plan for patients without insurance.

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