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We here at Riccobene Associates Family Dentistry support the brave men and women in service. We are proud of our employees and family members that have, and are currently, serving our country.

Photo collage of service men and women

Top left: Michele Muskelly’s grandfather, Hardy David McClenny. Served in the US Infantry in Europe. Awarded the Purple Heart (shot in Germany 45′). He is 3rd from right. Top pic right is he and his lovely wife Lavona. Bottom left pic of Michele’s father, Steven Dale Brown served with distinction in the Coast Guard. Bottom right: Michele’s husband James proudly served in the Air Force, next to him is his uncle who served in the Coast Guard.

Photo collage of service men and women

From our Flowers office: Sheri’s grandfather top left Luke Mellon. Master Sergeant 106 infantry WWII, POW, Purple Heart and an expert rifleman. Top right Grandfather Elton Ingram who was in the US Navy Seabees in WW11! Received the Victory Medal. Bottom left her father, Marine who served proudly in Vietnam. Bottom right Cousins Christina Greene a 20 year Veteran US Air Force and James Greene a 20 year Veteran US Air Force serving in Korea, Germany has had 5 deployments.

Photo of Captain Chris Ardnt

Captain Chris Arndt and our very own accounting manager Laura with their lovely daughter Juliana!

Captain Arndt is currently serving his country and has had two tours overseas in Iraq.

Photo of Kevin Slade Raleigh NC dentist IT Director

Kevin Slade our IT Director pictured here in the Gulf War ’91.

Photo of Director of Integrations Rosanna Spinoccia's father-in-law

Our Director of Integrations Rosanna Spinoccia’s father-in-law and 4042 patient Thomas Dillon proudly served with valor in the Korean War

Photo of Marine Bryce Reynolds

Marine Bryce Reynolds with his beautiful family! Recently joining our family on the IT team!

Photo of Cary Specialty office Jessi Alonso's cousin

Our Cary Specialty office Jessi Alonso’s cousin

Photo of Cary NC dentist collections coordinator Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson our collections coordinator for Cary Family and Apex is still in the Naval Reserve!