Dr. Oss is renowned for his expertise in complex reconstructive care and has a deep commitment to providing care for patients with special needs, utilizing service dog-assisted sessions to help manage dental fears and other disorders. His background in military operational strategies greatly enhances his ability to deliver rapid, reliable responses in emergency dental situations.

Dr. Oss finds solace and joy in music and dance, reflecting his rich cultural heritage. He deeply values family and community, actively participating in events like the Special Olympics and veterans’ gatherings, honoring his continued commitment to service. Though his search and rescue dog has passed away, he continues to engage in dog-assisted activities focused on health and community care.

In late 2023, Dr. Oss relocated to North Carolina and joined the Riccobene Associates Family Dentistry in 2024, where he is eager to apply his vast experience and passionate care to serve the community. He is inspired by the team’s commitment to excellence and looks forward to making a significant impact.

Dr. OSS is excited to bring his unique blend of clinical expertise, military precision, and compassionate care to the Riccobene team and their patients, ensuring no patient is left behind and that each achieves the best possible health outcomes.

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