Mohammad Shahid Farhan, DDS

Mohammad Shahid Farhan, DDS

Dr. Mohammad Shahid Farhan, known to his patients as Dr. Farhan, hails from the vibrant city of Raleigh, North Carolina, but his roots trace back to the charming town of Columbia, South Carolina. It was here that Dr. Farhan's journey towards becoming a dental professional began. During his formative years, Dr. Farhan underwent extensive dental work that proved to be nothing short of life-changing. This pivotal experience ignited a passion within him to bestow that same transformational care upon others.

With licenses held in three states, Dr. Farhan's professional journey has taken him on a diverse path. He commenced his practice in Fayetteville before making his mark in Anderson, South Carolina. Driven by an unyielding commitment to excellence, he further honed his skills in Wisconsin before returning to his North Carolina roots.

In his practice, Dr. Farhan places a premium on providing top-notch care, tackling complex dental issues, and demonstrating a keen interest in real estate. His commitment to delivering high-quality dentistry is evident in every interaction with his patients.

Beyond the dental chair, Dr. Farhan finds solace in the company of his two beloved Persian cats. When he's not busy tending to his feline companions, he's immersed in the world of real estate, channeling his passion for rehabilitation into transforming properties. An avid traveler, Dr. Farhan has traversed the expanse of the United States, seeking inspiration from diverse landscapes and cultures.

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