Marcelle D. Lissade, DMD

Marcelle D. Lissade, DMD

Dr. Marcelle D. Lissade's journey in dentistry is a testament to her unwavering commitment, exceptional achievements, and boundless compassion. Her path led her to Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, where she earned her doctorate degree in dentistry. At Temple, she stood out as a rising star, earning the distinguished Arnold R. Cook Award, a rare honor bestowed upon a junior class student with exceptional skills in managing pediatric patients. This early recognition marked the beginning of her remarkable journey.

Not content with just excellence, Dr. Lissade's commitment led her to membership in the esteemed Quality Assurance Committee, a select group entrusted with the responsibility of reviewing dental records and providing invaluable feedback to peers. Her dedication didn't stop at the university's gates – she embarked on a transformative journey to Haiti during her senior year, partnering with the Temple Haitian Health Foundation. There, she carried out extensive oral surgery outreach, traversing remote villages and leaving a lasting impact through her surgical expertise.

A dedicated advocate for children's well-being, Dr. Lissade employs her unique blend of humor and creativity to alleviate anxiety among her young patients. Her approach creates a positive atmosphere that fosters good oral health habits, leaving a lasting impression on her patients' lives.

Dr. Lissade's journey is marked by diverse achievements. Prior to her dental career, she pursued a bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, MA. Subsequently, she joined a distinguished research team at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, delving into cancer research and contributing to several scientific articles.

However, Dr. Lissade's impact extends beyond the realm of dentistry and academia. A strong believer in community service, she currently dedicates her time to conducting interviews with aspiring dental students at Temple University. Her past endeavors include volunteering her dental expertise at MOM's clinic. Dr. Lissade's engagement spans diverse areas, from chairing the social club committee to being an elected member of the HOA Board of Directors in her neighborhood. She actively participates in her son's high school social and decor committee, manages her daughter's soccer team, and co-manages the middle school's volleyball team.

Amid her dynamic commitments, Dr. Lissade finds solace in artistic pursuits. She indulges her love for decorating, artworks, and hands-on DIY projects. Her leisurely moments are often spent amidst the tranquility of the beach, the majesty of mountains, or the serenity of the lakes in the Carolinas, accompanied by her cherished family. Dr. Lissade's vibrant spirit extends to salsa and bachata dancing, a testament to her zest for life.

Her journey has been profoundly intertwined with her husband of 25 years, a dentist and her high school sweetheart, along with their two remarkable children. As she embarks on a new chapter with Riccobene Associates, Dr. Lissade eagerly anticipates connecting with and serving the Selma community, fueled by her unwavering dedication and compassionate approach.

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