Khushbu Patel, DDS

Khushbu Patel, DDS

Dr. Patel was born and raised in the western region of India, in Rajkot, Gujarat. Her first memory associated with dentistry is the aroma of bubblegum toothpaste, which she preferred as a child. Unlike most kids, and patients in general, Dr. Patel associates a feeling of comfort with her early dental visits. Now, she is passionate about giving patients, especially children and adults with anxiety, a sense of comfort and peace during their dental visits.

"Often I’ve found patients who experience the most dental anxiety have significantly higher rates of tooth decay and loss. It doesn't have to be that way, the right environment that welcomes all patients, and provides a positive experience can change their life." - Dr. Khusbu Patel

Dr. Patel decided to pursue dentistry, and graduated from dental school at SDM College of Dental Sciences and hospital in Dharwad, India. After that, she worked as an associate dentist at a prosthodontics clinic in India for a short time before moving to New York. She earned his DDS degree at the University at Buffalo and also worked as a full time Dental Assistant.  Since childhood, Dr. Patel's parents instilled the value of helping people in need. They always involved her in community welfare projects on weekends, like giving blankets and hot meals to poor children and the elderly.  

Helping the underserved was always important to her, but she wanted to give back in a larger capacity and use a skillset she was passionate about. During dental school, Dr. Patel never missed an outreach. She realized during these outreaches that many people (through no fault of their own), have only a cursory knowledge of proper dental care and believe a dental visit is only needed when they have pain. This made her realize the importance of explaining regular check ups and proper hygiene techniques to each patient. Explaining the impact of oral care and its effects on overall health, became a central component to her practice.

Apart from dentistry, Dr. Patel is very passionate about dancing, hiking, exploring nature, and especially family. Her family came from average means, but their constant support, sacrifices, and encouragement enabled her to get where she is today.

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