Dorrance Clark, DDS, MSD

Dorrance Clark, DDS, MSD

My professional career has included 6 years as a general practitioner and 9 years as a specialist in treating periodontal disease. In the 8th grade, I knew my life’s work would be dentistry; all of my creative and scholastic aptitude since that moment have been spent towards that goal. I am thankful and humbled by the opportunity to join Dr. Riccobene and his staff to advance periodontal care in our community.

I am an American Indian from the Assiniboine-Sioux tribe of a small reservation in northeast Montana. My Indian name is Noga Numba (Two Bulls), a nod toward walking in two worlds. The Indian Health Service provided basic medical and dental care to my tribe. My first job was a snake wrangler for the dental clinic and I was soon hired as a sterilization tech. The young dentists working for the tribe provided membership and pointed me toward a life in dentistry.

I attended the University of Michigan for dental school. On the first day, I pledged my eternal love and intent to marry the beautiful blonde lady that walked in. I married Dr. Lara Clark when she finally listened to reason 6 years later. We spent 6 years in Phoenix, Arizona where I looked after the residents of Gila River Pima Indian Reservation. My mission as a periodontist was born there.

The University of Washington in Seattle afforded the next step of my education. I was molded into a classically trained periodontist with a hunger for cutting edge technologies. During this time, my wife and I were blessed with the birth of our only child, Samuel Desmond given an Indian name of HokshinaHeSaba (Black Horn Buffalo Boy).

I have practiced for the last nine years honing my craft as a periodontist. My passion has been fostering relationships with my patients on the road to periodontal health. My philosophy is that trust, compassion, and devotion lead to the best outcomes.

Our family is grateful for the Triangle community. We have found our forever home here and hope to serve for many years to come. We are overjoyed and thankful to have joined the Riccobene family in offering the absolute best we have to offer.

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