Donna Resner, DDS

Donna Resner, DDS

While enrolled as an undergraduate at New York University, Donna Resner decided she wanted to go to dental school and become a dentist. But her professional experience in the field came even earlier: she worked as a dental assistant during her high school years in Brooklyn!

Dr. Resner has made a life-long commitment to dentistry and is both a student and a teacher in her field. She attends continuing education courses to ensure her patients receive the latest and best care. She has also set time aside in her busy schedule to teach residency programs focused on dentistry for young patients.

Dr. Resner is great with kids and excels at helping them feel safe and involved in their dental care. She’s great with patients of all ages though, because she builds trusting relationships. What’s most rewarding to her is seeing a smile transformed into something a patient is proud of.

She loves the outdoors and nature. Even when she’s at home, she likes to be outdoors, where she can cultivate her small koi pond, work in her garden, and play with her pet dogs and birds.

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