Briana Austin, DDS

Briana Austin, DDS

Dr. Briana Austin is originally from Mount Airy, NC, home of Andy Griffith! She has lived in the Triangle since her college days as an undergrad at NC State, and then later as a dental student UNC-Chapel Hill.

When you read bios for most dentists, you’ll find that they often had great experiences with dentistry as children and that they’ve had a passion for the field since their childhood. Not so for Dr. Austin! She had a sweet tooth as a child and grew up without fluoride in her water, which resulted in extensive dental work at a young age. She remembers feeling terrified at her dental appointments because she didn’t understand what was going to happen to her or why it was necessary.

As she entered high school, however, she felt drawn to health care and to dentistry in particular. She arranged shadowing sessions with both general dentists and several specialists and fell in love with dentistry. Not surprisingly, patient education has become a passion for Dr. Austin. She takes time to ensure each of her patients understands their oral health and how to improve and maintain it. She’s especially proud of her ability to work with patients who have fears or anxiety about dental care. She’s been there herself.

When she’s not at Riccobene Associates’ Durham location taking great care of her patients, Dr. Austin is spending time with her husband and their young son. She’s also a gifted home baker and a connoisseur of audiobooks and podcasts. She can’t wait to meet you and your family!

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