Oral Cancer Screenings

According to the American Dental Association, an average of 41,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral and throat cancers every year. At Riccobene Associates Family Dentistry, we perform oral cancer screenings and can be the first line of defense for early cancer detection.

Our dental exams include diagnostic X-rays, a thorough teeth cleaning, and an oral cancer screening. Regular dental checkups keep your teeth in tip-top shape and can be potentially lifesaving! If you catch cancer early enough, you significantly increase the chances of a full recovery and a milder treatment plan.

What Is Oral Cancer?

Oral and mouth cancer often reveals itself as a sore or abscess in your mouth or throat. Some common oral cancer symptoms are:

  • A change in the fit of your dentures
  • Chronic sore throat
  • Lost or sudden raspy voice
  • Swollen areas in your mouth
  • Sores in your mouth or throat that do not heal
  • Red or white patches inside your mouth
  • Unexplained bleeding

What Is an Oral Cancer Screening?

Our oral cancer screenings consist of a verbal, visual, and physical examination. Our screening includes:

  • A review of your dental and overall health history, which includes an assessment of the level of risk you may be for developing mouth or throat cancer.
  • A visual inspection of your mouth and throat, checking for any abscesses, suspicious lumps, abnormalities, discoloration, or open sores.
  • While mouth sores are often non-cancerous, if we see a sore that looks suspicious, we will take a sample of the cells or refer you to a mouth cancer specialist.

Contact our office today to schedule your routine checkup. Our team is dedicated to helping you stay healthy and happy for years to come!

Stay on Top of Your Health!

We provide oral cancer screenings at your biannual visits!

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