We Care About Your Health

Dear Patient,

As you all know, the flu this season, as well as the corona virus (COVID-19), have become a very serious concern in the community! We, at Riccobene Associates Family Dentistry, want our patients to know that we do not take these risks lightly, and we are taking every precaution to help keep you safe. We pride ourselves on helping you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of, restoring dental health, but also, here at Riccobene Associates Family Dentistry, we care about you, your families and your overall health! So, we have put together some information outlined by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) to help you keep yourselves and your homes healthy and keep our office your worry-free retreat!

If you are experiencing any symptoms of concern: fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc., please contact your primary care physician!

If you have a scheduled appointment at our office, and you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please know that your health is our number one concern and that we are happy to reschedule your appointment for a time when you are feeling better!


  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Send goody baskets or care packages to friends and loved ones who are sick, but do not visit!
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after going to the bathroom, before eating, and after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing.
  • CDC guidelines recommend that you cough or sneeze into a tissue when possible and then discard of the tissue!
  • Hand sanitizer, Hand Sanitizer, Hand Sanitizer! As often as you can! Keep those hands clean!
  • Disinfect doorknobs, switches, handles, computers, cellphones, bedside tables, bathroom sinks, toilets, counters, TOYS, any commonly touched surfaces around the home!
  • Take care of yourself! Get plenty of sleep, be physically active, manage your stress, drink plenty of fluids and eat nutritious food.

For ANYONE WHO HAS SUSPICIOUS SYMPTOMS, confirmed exposure or virus, as well as those WHO ARE CARING FOR SOMEONE who has been exposed, exhibits suspicious symptoms or who has been diagnosed with virus:

  • Stay home except to seek medical attention.
  • Do not allow visitors!
  • Separate yourself as much as you can from other people and animals, YES ANIMALS, in your home. Stay in a separate room where you are comfortable and can relax without exposing others. Use a separate bathroom if possible.
  • Call ahead before visiting your doctor! They can make accommodations ahead of time to limit exposure if they know you’re coming.
  • Reschedule any appointments outside of seeking attention for your symptoms.
  • Wear a face mask. The CDC recommends that only patients who HAVE symptoms, who are ill, wear masks to help prevent the spread of disease. They do not recommend that people who are healthy wear a mask to protect themselves.
  • Avoid sharing household items: do not share dishes, drinking glass, cups, eating utensils, towels, or bedding with people or pets in your home. After using these items, they should be washed thoroughly!
  • When to discontinue home isolation- This decision should be made on a case-by-case basis, in consultation with health care providers!


  •  If your children are sick, keep them home! This will prevent them from spreading any germs they’re carrying as well as protect them from any germs floating around at school that they could be exposed to while their immune systems are compromised.

We hope these tips are helpful.

Thank you for your time!

-Your Friends at Riccobene Associates Family Dentistry

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