Get Fast Help For Dental Emergencies!


Get Fast Help For Dental Emergencies!

Call us immediately 855-41-RICCO

By their very nature, dental emergencies create stress. But they don’t have to be a disaster. The main thing is getting help quickly. If your emergency occurs during our business day, we’ll make it possible to see one of our experienced dentists ASAP. Since we have multiple open offices serving a wide range of specialty services, we have the ability to work you into our schedule that day.

If an emergency occurs at night or during the weekend, you’ll be connected with an on-call dentist who will advise you on your next steps. In addition to fast scheduling and a dentist on call, our emergency dental care includes:


A variety of restorative dentistry procedures to address common emergency situations.


Dental sedation to ease pain and anxiety.


A caring staff who makes you comfortable in any situation, emergency or otherwise.

To get fast help in an emergency, call our emergency hotline:855-41-RICCO


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