Dental Assistant’s Appreciation Week

We are so proud of our hardworking team of trained dental assistants, who play a crucial role in ensuring our office teams work efficiently together and our doctors have the support to deliver successful treatment to our patients each day. From comforting a nervous patient to assisting major dental surgery, a dental assistant has so many responsibilities that many may not be aware of.

A few of these responsibilities include:

  • Extensive knowledge of advanced dental procedures
  • X-rays, blood pressure readings, and dental impressions
  • Knowledge of dental materials and maintaining equipment
  • Ability to spot dental emergencies
  • Settle patients in and prepare them for their check-up, surgery or procedure
  • Ask and record medical history
  • Help patients feel comfortable before, during, and after treatment
  • Great communication skills- provide oral hygiene and care instructions after procedures

Not only do dental assistants know everything there is to know about dental equipment, they also interact with patients daily, prepping them for procedures they are scheduled to receive. Dental assistants are typically the first person patients see before and after procedures, requiring the position to have a keen understanding of patient’s needs in order for the practice to be successful and all aspects of patient satisfaction is met. Dental Assistants are the great communicators in our practice informing patients the importance of maintaining excellent oral hygiene and care instructions following any procedure.

On behalf of Riccobene Associates Family Dentistry, thank you to all our dental assistants for always delivering excellent care to our patients!

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