Alexis Trendowski, DDS

Alexis Trendowski, DDS graduated from the University of North Carolina in 2018. In dental school, she completed rotations at a community health center and Central Prison in Raleigh. Upon graduating, she moved to the Charlotte area and worked in private practice in Chatham, Virginia. Dr. Trendowski, enjoys providing cosmetic procedures and comprehensive dental care to her patients, taking more time to discuss and plan with the patient the beautiful smile that they desire.

Dr. Trendowski spends her free time with her family, painting, and caring for her small farm, which includes ducks and chickens. As an avid equestrian, she enjoys competing in horse riding events throughout the state of North Carolina. She also relishes training horses and providing mounted instruction to people at her barn. Her excitement for dentistry and creating healthy, beautiful smiles continues to grow. Dr. Trendowski is excited to have started a new chapter with Riccobene Associates.