Dr. Phair-RafaelDr. Yonesha Phair-Rafael was born in Brooklyn, NY. Dr. Phair attended Fayetteville State University followed by completing the oral biology PhD program at UNC Chapel Hill. She went on to complete dental school at UNC Chapel Hill in 2013 after which she journeyed back to her birth state of NY to complete a GPR at Montefiore Medical Center before ultimately returning to NC to practice with us in Fayetteville!

Dr. Phair became interested in dentistry at an early age due to the fact that she had severely malpositioned teeth as a child. Before having her teeth corrected, she fell in love with the idea of helping others gain self-confidence through improving their smile because that’s what she was seeking. Dr. Phair always takes great care of her patients and makes them feel like family. She is very honest and makes sure her patients are always fully informed in order to assist them in making the best decisions for their lifestyle while keeping optimal oral health. She is particularly passionate about the use of removable prosthodontics and the ability to help people that need a solution after all other treatment options are exhausted. Dr. Phair really enjoys the field of geriatrics even though it is not officially recognized as a specialty.

|Outside of the office, Dr. Phair loves cooking and baking for her family. She also loves planning and hosting events for family and friends. She enjoys traveling and attending comedy shows with her husband. She also loves going to the park and roller skating with my 2 daughters. Dr. Phair is looking forward to working with the great Fayetteville community!