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Photo of Cary ortho patient getting her braces for the first time

Braces offer a traditional, time-tested approach to straightening teeth. Teeth are guided into the proper position through the gradual tightening of small brackets that are connected by wires and cemented to your teeth. Beginning treatment while the patient is still growing — ideally between 6 and 12 years of age — optimizes the results, but braces can be used to straighten teeth at any age.

Treatment duration is based on each unique situation; however, the standard treatment time can last anywhere from one to three years, followed by a period of wearing a retainer to maintain the position of your new smile.

Braces for Kids

We offer a Phase I treatment for children who will benefit from a short round of orthodontics to address specific needs, such as excess overjet “buck-teeth,” excessive crowding, cross-bites, etc. After the short treatment (12–14 months), we remove the appliances and maintain the position of the teeth with retainers. Once the patient loses their baby teeth, a second round of treatment is usually required to complete full treatment and establish a good bite and perfect alignment. This is referred to as Phase II and will typically last 18 months or longer.

Braces for Adults

It is never too late to get your teeth straight! As long as the tooth-supporting structures (gums, periodontal ligament, and bone) are healthy and you don’t have any cavities, orthodontic treatment can give you the confident and beautiful smile you always wanted.


How long does it take to straighten teeth?
At Riccobene we have many teeth-straightening solutions available for patients of all ages, including solutions that are nearly invisible and can significantly change your alignment. The time it will take to straighten your teeth largely depends on the severity of your condition.
Does everyone need braces?
No. Only patients with misalignment problems need to wear braces. The best way to find out if you or your child will need braces is to call and set up an appointment for a consultation with us.

For more information about our traditional braces options, call to schedule a consultation at one of our Raleigh area dental offices, and take one step closer to a straighter smile today!