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Woman with dental anxiety is happy after finding dental IV sedation in Raleigh NC

Providing Safe, Anxiety-Free Dentistry

The goal of Intravenous (IV) sedation is to treat patients that have significant dental anxiety or a fear of going to the dentist in a safe and controllable environment, performing all facets of dentistry ranging from surgery to routine cleanings.

How IV Sedation Works

IV Sedation delivers sedatives directly into your bloodstream through your veins. The effects are instantaneous. The patient’s vitals are closely monitored to ensure their treatment is safe and pain-free.

What to Expect

While on IV sedation, the patient will have a similar experience as if they were sleeping. However, during the procedure, the patient will still be able to listen to a dentist’s commands, and can control their own airway and reflexes. IV sedation has an amnesic effect, so the patient will rarely remember anything about the procedure.

Since the patient is relaxed under IV sedation, the dentist can perform longer procedures that may normally require multiple visits. Since the patient is calm and relaxed, the dentist can relax and focus on the procedure, ultimately resulting in better dentistry.

You’re in Good Hands

In order for dentists to perform IV sedation, they must attend additional training and obtain credentials. At Riccobene Associates Family Dentistry, Drs. Christian Anderson, Haysam Tawfik, Brandon Hunt, and Justin Blessing are certified to perform IV sedation dentistry.


Is IV sedation safe?
Yes! To begin, our dentists do an extensive medical background check of patients interested in IV sedation to minimize any potential complications. The procedure is considered safe because the dentist has full control over the amount of sedative administered to the patient.
Will I wake up while on IV sedation?
No. Our dentists closely monitor the patient’s vitals. If there is any indication that the patient is not properly sedated, the dentist will gradually increase the amount of sedative received until complete sedation is achieved.
Will I feel pain while on IV sedation?
To make certain patients are comfortable while under sedation, our dentists use a local anesthetic to “numb the area”. After the procedure, they will wake up with little to no recollection of what happened. To make certain patients are comfortable while under sedation, our dentists also locally numb the teeth they are working on.
If you think sedation dentistry could help you achieve a pain-free, beautiful smile, call to set up an appointment with one of our NC Research Triangle dentists today to find out more about your options and our treatments.